The Golf Cart of the Future: Mercedes? Hovercraft?

merc vs hover

There have not been any significant changes to golf carts in recent… decades. It’s hard to tell the difference between a cart from the 80’s and the carts we drive around in everyday on the course. I don’t know about you, but all the recent talk about hover crafts and mercedes golf carts got me thinking…

What’s next? Will it be a hovercraft, a Mercedes, a flying cart? It’s easy to dream big- a cart that caddies for you, serves you food, tracks your scores, the possibilities are endless.

Bubba’s Hover

More of a publicity stunt for Oakley than anything, the Bubba’s Hover has created quite the buzz. It looks like something that could be a TON of fun on the course. If you don’t mind losing a few strokes due to lack of concentration. It has some practical benefits: drive anywhere on the course without a worry and travel quickly to your ball. But, the gas guzzling and noisy hovercraft is not going to replace existing golf carts.

Mercedes Golf Cart

This looks a bit more realistic. IF they can get the price down. A modern, sleek, comfortable alternative to the existing golf cart. I would personally love to cruise around in one of these. This thing is loaded with features-  touch screens, an “air scarf” in the seat which blows hot air on golfers’ necks, and a “Fore” button – to quickly warns other players on the course of a misplaced shot.

The Reality

In reality it may be a while before we see widespread changes. It’s going to have to be a solution that courses can afford and something cool enough to make it worth the upgrades. Personally I’m pulling for a quieter version of the Hovercraft, what are your thoughts?

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