A preview of gottaGolf.com

We often get asked, “When are you launching?”. Trust us, we are just as excited as you are (probably a little more) to get you onto the site. We’ll be sending out a limited number of early access invites to golfers in the Atlanta over the next few weeks. The invites will be sent out based on when you signed up. If you haven’t already go ahead and get in line by signing up now.

We want to provide a platform that simplifies and enhances the lives of golfers and course operators around the world. It’s a lofty goal, but we think we can get there. We are going to do this by simplifying the way golfers organize rounds and connect with other golfers.

Here’s a sneak preview of your gottaGolf profile page: This will be where you tell your story from the course and keep track of your rounds and scores.


Sign up to get in line and tell your friends. We’ll send you a personalized gottaGolf bag tag. We’ll be announcing a new pre-launch giveaway soon, so stay tuned.

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