#ShortGame Challenge

*Update* – We’ve selected the finalists – click here.

In honor of this awesome flop shot from Paige Spiranac, we’re hosting a #shortgame challenge this weekend.

How to enter: Post a sweet photo or video of your short game into the main feed on gottaGolf and use #shortgame! Here are some ideas:

  • Slow-mo putt
  • Video of a big flop shot
  • Splashing out of the sand
  • Pic of your wedge in action
  • Get creative!

What you get: 2 tickets to the TOUR Championship at East Lake + this awesome putter cover! 

How you win: On Monday, we’ll pick the top 3 posts and then let you vote on the winner!


Last Week’s Winner: I’d also recommend you check out the winner of our Labor Day Weekend giveaway. We had some AWESOME posts

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