#HappyGilmore Challenge

[UPDATE: the winner was Jackson Rowland. Tommy Morrisey (the only-armed golfer) wasn’t going to be able to make it to the TOUR Champ so he asked us to give the prize to someone else! See the winner and finalists here.]

The winners at the TOUR  Championship:

Jackson Winner


In honor of this awesome Happy Gilmore shot from Paige Spiranac, we’re hosting a #HappyGilmore challenge.

How to enter: 1) Download gottaGolf on the app store or sign up online2) Post a sweet photo or video into the main feed on gottaGolf and use #HappyGilmore! Here are some ideas:

  • Slow-mo Happy
  • Happy fail
  • Group Happy
  • Lefty Happy
  • Get creative!

What you get: 2 tickets to the TOUR Championship at East Lake + a 2015 Masters flag! 

How you win: On Thursday, we’ll pick the top 3 posts and then let you vote on the winner!


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