#slowmo challenge!

We’re hosting a #SlowMo challenge! Post your best SlowMo videos on gottaGolf to win this custom Scotty Cameron putter. Details below:

scotty cameron

How to enter: 1) Download gottaGolf on the app store or sign up online. 2) Post a sweet SlowMo video into the main feed on gottaGolf and use #SlowMo! Here are some ideas:

  • SlowMo swing, putt or sand shot
  • SlowMo of the ball being hit
  • SlowMo fail
  • Get creative!

(You can enter existing posts by adding #SlowMo to the comment)

What you get: The custom Scotty, shown above!

How you win: On Thursday, we’ll pick the top 3 posts and then let you vote on the winner!

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