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#PlayPebbleWithPaige was an absolute blast. Wish we could have taken all of you with us. Here’s a quick recap of the day, enjoy!

Relive the day with us:

Full recap video:

Video make you want to #PlayWithPaige? Stay tuned for your next opportunity to win.

Greg scrambling

Greg had to scramble on the par 3, 5th… but hit a great shot from here to save par. #likeaboss


Paige on 4 fairway

Paige eying down her approach shot on the par 4, 4th.


Greg scrambling

Greg had to scramble on the par 3, 5th… but hit a great shot from here to save par. #likeaboss


justin on 6

Justin took the caddies advice and played a safe shot down the left side of the bunkers, taking the water out of play.


Paige on 7 for blog

Paige knocked this one to 10 feet.


The walk down on the 7th. Paige and Greg would both birdie the hole.


Lisa steep cliff

Lisa Ann knows no fear. It’s all about the working angles here on the 8th… and I’d say the photo was worth.


paige on 9 - lighter

Paige teeing off on the 9th. This was one of the only fairways she missed all day. She hit a great recovery and saved par, but wasn’t happy about the miss as you can see via “Pebble Cam”:

(Pebble Cam brought to you by Patrick Koenig)


Paige’s sick bunker shot on the par 3, 12th… she really is unbelievable talented. Stuck this to a few feet to save par.


pat copy

Our good friend Patrick Koenig (who tagged along and snapped some sweet pictures) in his natural habitat.




Patrick had a few “special ideas” for pics on 18.

I think this jumping picture is my favorite of the whole trip. In particular, Justin doing his best Super Mario impression is fantastic.


pushups on 18

Patrick and I decided to borrow a few balls and hit tee shots on 18. He was smart enough to do a proper warm-up (above).

I opted out of the pushups and smashed a high fade that bounced hard off of a ($20 million) house and landed in the fairway. We all had a good laugh out at that one. Paige said she may try that move in Dubai, but I’m not holding my breath.


Paige + Clint Selfie

Paige was kind enough to give me a lesson in how to take a proper selfie as we walked up 18…


the whole crew 18 green

The whole crew on 18 green. Patrick wins this picture, sorry Paige.


Official match score card

Paige and Lisa Ann teamed up to beat the guys in a best ball match.  Paige led the way with 3 birdies on the front, a clutch birdie on 16 to go 2 up, and a par on 17 to seal the deal. (Paige shot a 71 individually)

As you can see below, we have an “official match scorecard”, signed by the winners and losers, courtesy of Patrick (who also did a great recap post about #PlayPebbleWithPaige).


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