Shank! Challenge

We’re hosting a #Shank challenge to celebrate the launch of a little side project (Shank App)!

Shanks are painful… and struggling on the course is the worst, but we’d like to make it a little more fun this week.

WIN: a brand new pair of Callaway MD3 wedges. 💰💰


  1. Login to gottaGolf on the web or the App Store
  2. Post videos of your best videos into the main feed using #Shank.
  3. For bonus points use the Shank! App in the video (not required).


  • shanking a tee shot
  • scrambling from the woods
  • getting stuck in the sand
  • anything else! (Bonus points for using the Shank! App, not required!)

Shank Image

*DISCLAIMER: This app may not be appropriate serious rounds, corporate golf outings with your boss, or rounds with a future father-in-law 👍*

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