#GolfTheHolidays Winners

First off, thank you to everyone who participated in #golftheholidays. It was a blast to see all of your posts and experience the holidays together with a golf twist.

We have had some questions about who won and by how much, so in the spirit of being totally transparent we’ve decided to create a post that explains everything!

Quick review of the voting rules:

  1. Each user is allowed to vote once (we do verify email addresses to make sure each account is legit). It is ok to invite new people to join gottaGolf as part of the contest, we definitely encourage telling your friends about gottaGolf.
  2. All votes must be submitted by commenting on the respective post made by the gottaGolf team.
  3. All votes had to be in before 9am EST on Jan 31st.


GoPro winner: Alli Olson

  • Vote Breakdown:
    • Alli Olson: 47
    • Timothy Fenn: 45
  • Notes:
    • We did not count any duplicate votes, only counted votes on this post and did not count Wayne Simons vote because it was cast after 9am EST.


Scotty Cameron winner: Ryan Rustand

  • Vote breakdown:
    • Ryan Rustand: 21
    • Eric Kortbeek: 16


Thanks for being a part of gottaGolf and Happy New Year!

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