2016 Masters Challenge

Pull out your best Masters week photos and videos for a chance to win big in our Masters Challenge!


Here’s how it works:

– We’re giving away a Masters Polo, Masters Flag, and gottaGolf swag pack

– To win, simply post your best “Masters Week” photos and videos on gottaGolf using #theMasters.

– On Monday we’ll announce the finalists and let you pick the winner!

Here are some ideas:

The only rules are to get creative and include #themasters.

– Your “setup”: how you’re watching the masters this week.

– Watching the Masters from the course (or work!).

– Replicate Bubba or Tigers famous Masters shot on the course this weekend.

– A post from Augusta (if you’re lucky enough to be there!)

– A post from the course you’re playing as you kick off the golf season.

– Your Masters traditions.

Give it a shot!

Simply sign in or sign up and post your best photos into the news feed using #themasters


Full terms and conditions here.

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