Ball Tracer Step-by-Step and Video Tips!

Hi! Thanks for checking out gottaGolf. This post contains:

  1. Tips for recording your video
  2. Steps to using the Ball Tracer

Tips for recording your video:

  • Record in regular speed, rather than slow-mo.
  • Keep the video as stable as possible throughout the recording.
  • Keep recording until the ball lands, so there is enough time to show the entire ball flight.
  • Position the golfer in the bottom left center of the video and allow enough space above their head to show the tracer line

Steps to using the Ball Tracer

1. Login to gottaGolf and tap the green “Create” button on the bottom tab bar:


2. Capture or upload a video:


3. Tap “Ball Tracer” on the bottom bar:

ball tracer

4. Choose: Assisted or Manual

5. Within minutes your video is fully processed and you’re notified so you can choose a custom style, custom colors, add yardage, and more!


Try the gottaGolf Tracer Now!


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