Ball Tracer FAQ’s

    1. How do I use the Ball Tracer?
      • Simply take a video of someone hitting a golf ball, upload it to the gottaGolf app, and viola – it’s traced! View our step-by-step tutorial for more details.
    2. How do I find the Ball Tracer feature in the gottaGolf app?
      •  To access the tracer feature: Tap “Create” on the bottom tab bar, upload your video, and select “Ball Tracer”. View our step-by-step tutorial for more details.
    3. How do I save or share my Ball Tracer video?
      • When you tap “Finish” on the “Tracer Preview” screen your video will automatically be saved to your camera roll, and you will optionally be able to share your video to the gottaGolf App feed.
      • If you want to save several variations (colors, style, etc) of your tracer video, tap “Options” on the “Tracer Preview” screen and select “Save to camera roll”.
    4. How does the Assisted Tracer work?
      • After you submit a video, it is uploaded to our server and processed. Our backend determines the starting point and to the best ability possible tracks the entire flight path of the ball.
    5. How long does the Assisted Tracer take?
      • It varies depending on the volume of videos being submitted and processed. The turnaround time will not always be immediate, but it is usually very quick.
    6. The “Assisted Tracer” video I got back doesn’t show the exact landing point, can I fix that?
      • Yes. Sometimes our backend processing cannot track the entire flight path of the ball accurately due to video quality or angle. If you would like to adjust the end point, the path, or the starting point simply tap “Refine” on the tracer preview screen and you can adjust anything you’d like.
    7. Why do I have to pay for the Assisted Tracer?
      • We are a very small team and given the complex nature of an “Assisted Tracer” the costs add up quickly. We charge a nominal monthly fee of $1.99!
    8. How does the “Manual Tracer work?
      • The manual tracer is a free feature and allows you to set the start and end points, and shape of the trace before generating it over your video. View our step-by-step tutorial for more details.
    9. What kind of video should I record for optimal results?
      • The best results come from a video that is stable, shot from behind the golfer and at least 10 feet away,  in regular speed (not slow-mo), and keep recording until the ball lands. Check out the video below for an example of optimal quality videos to be traced



Here are some great examples of Ball Tracer videos, note the angle and length of the video for optimal results.


Try the gottaGolf Tracer!


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