Golf Emojis

We just launched the first and only full set of Golf Emojis on the market.

Why Golf EmojisWe live in a world where a few emojis can speak louder more than a paragraph of text. Our golf emojis open up a whole new world of creative possibilities and empower you to tell a better story with your content.


From the community: Your fellow gottaGolfers are having a lot of fun with Golf Emojis:





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Introducing “Explore”

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of “Explore”.

We believe strongly in the power of sharing and exploring amazing golf moments within our community. This is our first step towards streamlining that process. Here’s a quick demo!

Let us know what you think of the update! As always, we’re all ears. Stay tuned, lots of exciting things to come.

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In light of the epic winter storm that is blasting half of the country we’re hosting a #WinterGolf challenge. Share your best posts using #WinterGolf to win a Scotty Cameron!

Love in a warm state? Post about your version of “winter golf”. We’ll pick a winner from each state!

Enter: Post your best Winter Golf pictures and videos on the gottaGolf main feed with using #WinterGolf. Live in a warm state? tell us about your version of “Winter Golf”!

Winners: We’ll pick one winner from a warm state and one from a cold one.

Entry Period: Accepting entries through feb 3!

Video cred: @mikksup @golf_gods
Photo: #gottaGolfer @tylerreeve


#GolfTheHolidays Winners

First off, thank you to everyone who participated in #golftheholidays. It was a blast to see all of your posts and experience the holidays together with a golf twist.

We have had some questions about who won and by how much, so in the spirit of being totally transparent we’ve decided to create a post that explains everything!

Quick review of the voting rules:

  1. Each user is allowed to vote once (we do verify email addresses to make sure each account is legit). It is ok to invite new people to join gottaGolf as part of the contest, we definitely encourage telling your friends about gottaGolf.
  2. All votes must be submitted by commenting on the respective post made by the gottaGolf team.
  3. All votes had to be in before 9am EST on Jan 31st.


GoPro winner: Alli Olson

  • Vote Breakdown:
    • Alli Olson: 47
    • Timothy Fenn: 45
  • Notes:
    • We did not count any duplicate votes, only counted votes on this post and did not count Wayne Simons vote because it was cast after 9am EST.


Scotty Cameron winner: Ryan Rustand

  • Vote breakdown:
    • Ryan Rustand: 21
    • Eric Kortbeek: 16


Thanks for being a part of gottaGolf and Happy New Year!


‘Tis the season… So we’re giving away some awesome prizes in our #GolfTheHolidays challenge 🎁.


Enter a caption

Two Categories, Two Prizes, Best Posts Win

– 1) Best “Holiday Golf” post wins a Scotty Cameron: Santa golfing, clubs by the xmas tree, etc. Anything with a holiday golf theme is fair game. Get creative!

– 2) Best post from the course wins a GoPro: We want to make sure we recognize the most creative holiday posts (category above), and also the awesome golf experiences that you all have during the holidays, so we created two categories. This could be the view, an epic shot, etc. We want to see what your holiday golf experiences are like!

Use #golftheholidays to enter (for both categories). We’ll accept entries through the 28th, then pick the top posts as a team and let you all vote on the winners!

How to enter:

Login or sign up for gottaGolf and post into the main feed!

Let us us know if you have any questions 👍

Plan your Golf Tournament with!

Plan your Golf Tournament with!

Planning a full-fledged golf tournament can be extremely complicated. From the immense logistical issues – such as creating a budget and getting golfers to show up – to just finding a golf course that is willing to host your tournament, there are a wide variety of tournament planning facets that simply aren’t doable without a nudge in the right direction, a useful tool, or just a little guidance.

Fortunately, whether you’re planning a tournament for charity or you are planning a corporate golf outings or a social event like a bachelor party, you don’t have to go it alone! is here to help you through every step of the way, so you can plan the golf tournament of your dreams!

How Can Help?

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By bringing together some of the best golf courses across the United States and giving users direct access to their management teams, gets rid of the constant email and phone campaigns often associated with this step, and boils it down to one easy to fill out form! All you have to do is type in what you want and submit your request. BestOutings automatically send your request for quotation to all of the best courses and they can reply directly to you with their offers. Presto!

This is your Gateway to your Next Tournament

outing request

Guides and Directories

On top of this, offers one of the most detailed golf directories on the web, giving you all the information you need about every course that may send you a proposal. With thousands of golf courses available, detailed information about each listing, and an easy-to-use interface that makes your decision simple, choosing the golf course to host your tournament no longer has to be daunting!

In fact, when you add in their step by step Guide – which breaks down each and every segment of golf tournament planning – this journey isn’t just easier than ever before, it can actually be a lot of fun!

A Passion for Golf and Golf Tournaments

Trust us; if you’ve decided to plan a true golf tournament – with sponsors, advertisements, a field of golfers, and more – the team over at can help you. Use their Tournament Request Proposal tool today, and see what we mean; you’ll be happy you did!

Shank! Challenge

We’re hosting a #Shank challenge to celebrate the launch of a little side project (Shank App)!

Shanks are painful… and struggling on the course is the worst, but we’d like to make it a little more fun this week.

WIN: a brand new pair of Callaway MD3 wedges. 💰💰


  1. Login to gottaGolf on the web or the App Store
  2. Post videos of your best videos into the main feed using #Shank.
  3. For bonus points use the Shank! App in the video (not required).


  • shanking a tee shot
  • scrambling from the woods
  • getting stuck in the sand
  • anything else! (Bonus points for using the Shank! App, not required!)

Shank Image

*DISCLAIMER: This app may not be appropriate serious rounds, corporate golf outings with your boss, or rounds with a future father-in-law 👍*


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#PlayPebbleWithPaige was an absolute blast. Wish we could have taken all of you with us. Here’s a quick recap of the day, enjoy!

Relive the day with us:

Full recap video:

Video make you want to #PlayWithPaige? Stay tuned for your next opportunity to win.

Greg scrambling

Greg had to scramble on the par 3, 5th… but hit a great shot from here to save par. #likeaboss


Paige on 4 fairway

Paige eying down her approach shot on the par 4, 4th.


Greg scrambling

Greg had to scramble on the par 3, 5th… but hit a great shot from here to save par. #likeaboss


justin on 6

Justin took the caddies advice and played a safe shot down the left side of the bunkers, taking the water out of play.


Paige on 7 for blog

Paige knocked this one to 10 feet.


The walk down on the 7th. Paige and Greg would both birdie the hole.


Lisa steep cliff

Lisa Ann knows no fear. It’s all about the working angles here on the 8th… and I’d say the photo was worth.


paige on 9 - lighter

Paige teeing off on the 9th. This was one of the only fairways she missed all day. She hit a great recovery and saved par, but wasn’t happy about the miss as you can see via “Pebble Cam”:

(Pebble Cam brought to you by Patrick Koenig)


Paige’s sick bunker shot on the par 3, 12th… she really is unbelievable talented. Stuck this to a few feet to save par.


pat copy

Our good friend Patrick Koenig (who tagged along and snapped some sweet pictures) in his natural habitat.




Patrick had a few “special ideas” for pics on 18.

I think this jumping picture is my favorite of the whole trip. In particular, Justin doing his best Super Mario impression is fantastic.


pushups on 18

Patrick and I decided to borrow a few balls and hit tee shots on 18. He was smart enough to do a proper warm-up (above).

I opted out of the pushups and smashed a high fade that bounced hard off of a ($20 million) house and landed in the fairway. We all had a good laugh out at that one. Paige said she may try that move in Dubai, but I’m not holding my breath.


Paige + Clint Selfie

Paige was kind enough to give me a lesson in how to take a proper selfie as we walked up 18…


the whole crew 18 green

The whole crew on 18 green. Patrick wins this picture, sorry Paige.


Official match score card

Paige and Lisa Ann teamed up to beat the guys in a best ball match.  Paige led the way with 3 birdies on the front, a clutch birdie on 16 to go 2 up, and a par on 17 to seal the deal. (Paige shot a 71 individually)

As you can see below, we have an “official match scorecard”, signed by the winners and losers, courtesy of Patrick (who also did a great recap post about #PlayPebbleWithPaige).


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Golf-O-Ween Challenge

We’re teaming up with GolfBabes to bring you the #golfOween Challenge! Post your best Halloween pics & videos on gottaGolf to win a Scotty Cameron putter and custom head cover. Details below:

How to enter: 1) Download gottaGolf on the app store or sign up online. 2) Post into the main feed on gottaGolf and use #golfOween! You can also enter on Instagram to win a putter cover by using #golfOween and tagging @gotta_Golf and @GolfBabes!

Here are some ideas:

  • Swinging a club or on the course in your costume
  • Posts from the course
  • Golf-themed pumpkins
  • Anything else…
  • Get creative!

What you get:

  • Best gottaGolf post: A new Scotty Cameron + custom putter cover + swag from gottaGolf and GolfBabes
  • Best Instagram post: Custom putter cover + swag from gottaGolf and GolfBabes

How you win: On Monday we’ll announce the winners!