3 Things We Learned from the 2015 PGA Championship

The 2015 PGA Championship came to a close on Sunday with Australian Jason Day getting the victory. Once again, Jordan Spieth came agonizingly close to another major victory while Dustin Johnson let an early lead slip. With those points made, we bring to you the 3 things we learned from the event.

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Number 1

Jason Day wins his long deserved major.

PGA Championship golf tournament in Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Jason Day has been performing exceptionally well this PGA Tour season, especially in major championships. So far the Australian has come extremely close to winning majors. He began with a less than stellar performance at Augusta finishing T28 at -1. He did manage to put together an impressive performance at St. Andrews where he finished T4 1 back off the lead at -14. Another top 10 finish at Chambers Bay saw Jason Day shoot a combined score of even par for the tournament where he would finish T9 behind winner Jordan Spieth (-5). Finally, at the last major of the year Jason Day reaped the rewards for his efforts winning with a score of -20 to beat Jordan Spieth at Whistling Straits in the PGA Championship.


Number 2

Jordan Spieth came extremely close however he did gain the World Number 1 Spot.


Young Jordan Spieth came extremely close to a victory once again. After missing the playoff for the Open Championship by just 1 shot, Spieth trailed winner Jason Day by just 3 shots in this years PGA Championship. With a very impressive showing so far this year for young Jordan Spieth (especially majors) Winning The Masters, Winning US Open, 1 off lead at The Open, and 3 off lead at PGA Championship. It is no surprise that he has finally acquired the world number 1 spot all to himself.

Number 3

Dustin Johnson is due a major… If he can keep his cool.


Now for our final lesson, we move onto the curious case of Dustin Johnson. The American has made a miraculous ‘recovery’ from his alleged scandal. Johnson held the lead at The Open until the final day until he blew up, allowing Zach Johnson to sweep the victory. Dustin also came extremely close at the PGA Championship… Before once again blowing his lead and allowing Jason Day to come in for the victory. We’re big fans of Dustin and hope he can keep his cool for the next major. So close he can almost taste it.

The PGA Tour should not have banned caddie races.

Golf is fun to watch, if you love the game. For everyone else, its a boring excuse for entertainment. However, a few times a year at tournaments including the Colonial and Waste Management Open, golf becomes fun for everyone. The crowd cheers and laughs as caddies sprint down the fairway, it feels more like the student section at a college football game than a golf tournament.

Take a look at these caddies faces and tell me that this isn’t a fun tradition. They should not have banned the races and here why:

Caddie races

More than a golf tournament- Caddie races embody the sprit of these tournaments. A nice break from the norm, these tournaments draw a different crowd than your standard tournament. This is good for the game, it sparks interest and adds a little fun to the weekend. Everyone said its something you “have to experience”. Going to the Waste Management Tournament was on my list if things to do next year, I guess I can cross that off the list now.

Why ban the races- According to a report from golfchannel.com, the PGA Tour has banned the infamous caddie races. ” …we developed a little concern about caddies’ safety.” said Andy Pazder, the Tours EVP. I understand that these days everyone is worried about injury liabilities, but is this really necessary? Do you think they are THAT worried about someone getting hurt? They should have better things to worry about like deer antler spray, putters, and fans screaming obnoxious phrases every time a player tees off.

What Now?- Instead of Caddie races tournaments will search for other ways to engage the fans. One tournament has offered a boring alternative allowing fans to: “download an app on their smartphones that will allow them to guess which player out of a particular group will hit their tee shot closest to the hole.” I would travel from Atlanta to Phoenix to witness the caddie races and be a part of that environment. To vote on my iPhone? Nope.

Maybe one day they will come to their senses and reverse the ruling. But, I wouldn’t count on it.

What do you think? Were they right to ban the races?

The Golf Cart of the Future: Mercedes? Hovercraft?

merc vs hover

There have not been any significant changes to golf carts in recent… decades. It’s hard to tell the difference between a cart from the 80’s and the carts we drive around in everyday on the course. I don’t know about you, but all the recent talk about hover crafts and mercedes golf carts got me thinking…

What’s next? Will it be a hovercraft, a Mercedes, a flying cart? It’s easy to dream big- a cart that caddies for you, serves you food, tracks your scores, the possibilities are endless.

Bubba’s Hover

More of a publicity stunt for Oakley than anything, the Bubba’s Hover has created quite the buzz. It looks like something that could be a TON of fun on the course. If you don’t mind losing a few strokes due to lack of concentration. It has some practical benefits: drive anywhere on the course without a worry and travel quickly to your ball. But, the gas guzzling and noisy hovercraft is not going to replace existing golf carts.

Mercedes Golf Cart

This looks a bit more realistic. IF they can get the price down. A modern, sleek, comfortable alternative to the existing golf cart. I would personally love to cruise around in one of these. This thing is loaded with features-  touch screens, an “air scarf” in the seat which blows hot air on golfers’ necks, and a “Fore” button – to quickly warns other players on the course of a misplaced shot.

The Reality

In reality it may be a while before we see widespread changes. It’s going to have to be a solution that courses can afford and something cool enough to make it worth the upgrades. Personally I’m pulling for a quieter version of the Hovercraft, what are your thoughts?

The Presidents Cup: From “The Streaker” to Tiger’s new handshake

The Presidents Cup is one of the best weekends in golf. There’s patriotism, smiles… and streakers? While the tournament may have lacked drama from tee to green, there is plenty to talk about after this weekend.

Here’s a recap of the weekend in case you missed anything:

The USA wins, again.

This was the third straight Presidents Cup in which Woods won the cup-clinching match. The US again proved to be too good to beat. When you look at the rankings it’s easy to tell why. The golfers from the US side are no doubt the best in the world and they proved that this weekend.

The “Fresh Prince” High Five.

Tiger High Five

Tiger and Kuch get along. They play well together. AND they have an interesting new handshake. They used the “Jazzy-J and Fresh Prince high five as their celebration for the weekend. It may have been a bit awkward but it’s great to see the players interacting and laughing on the course.

During the rest of the tournaments of the year its every man for himself and we don’t get to see the “fun” side of most TOUR players. It’s refreshing to see these guys working together, cheering for each other, and even coming up with some fun celebrations.

The “Support the Troops” Streaker


A female streaker, named Kim (@PresCupStreaker) ran onto the 18th hole on Sunday at the Presidents Cup at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio. Kim ran out wearing only an American flag, a red g-string, and stickers that read “Support Our Troops”. Kim decided she wanted to make streaker history- “I did some research on the top streakers of all time, and they seemed to be all men.” She celebrated her place in history by hitting the town with Grams.

Her punishment? $100. Impressive.

How do you think a 300 pound man would have been punished?