RISKY shot out of a hotel!

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A few cold beverages will make any golfer feel invincible. Zan takes this feeling and brings it to life!

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This Trickshot Will Blow Your Mind!

This weekend team gottaGolf got together to celebrate the launch of our new Ball Tracer in EPIC fashion!

We hit Top Golf, Stadiumlinks, and Big Canoe for an INSANE weekend of golf and trick shots, including this one from @coach_rusty and gottaGolf founder @clinjar.

Download the gottaGolf app to try out the new ball tracer for yourself AND see all the awesome footage from the weekend!

The rest of the squad included: @holein1trickshots, @karinhart, @lpga_fi, @clpezzola, and @pjkoenig.

Ball Tracer Step-by-Step and Video Tips!

Hi! Thanks for checking out gottaGolf. This post contains:

  1. Tips for recording your video
  2. Steps to using the Ball Tracer

Tips for recording your video:

  • Record in regular speed, rather than slow-mo.
  • Keep the video as stable as possible throughout the recording.
  • Keep recording until the ball lands, so there is enough time to show the entire ball flight.
  • Position the golfer in the bottom left center of the video and allow enough space above their head to show the tracer line

Steps to using the Ball Tracer

1. Login to gottaGolf and tap the green “Create” button on the bottom tab bar:


2. Capture or upload a video:


3. Tap “Ball Tracer” on the bottom bar:

ball tracer

4. Choose: Assisted or Manual

5. Within minutes your video is fully processed and you’re notified so you can choose a custom style, custom colors, add yardage, and more!


Try the gottaGolf Tracer Now!


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gottaGolf is #1 golf app in the App Store

We reached a big milestone this weekend by climbing to the #1 ranked golf app in the App Store, #30 free sports app, and top 1200 overall! Thanks for the continued support!

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The first ball tracer for the everyday golfer

BIG NEWS! We just released our new ball tracer overlays, now anyone can add a tracer overlay to their videos with just a few taps, for free! Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the latest version of gottaGolf
  2. Tap “create” on the bottom tab bar
  3. Upload a video, choose “ball tracer”, and adjust your tracer shape and timing.
  4. Choose your tracer type and “save a copy” so you can share it on social media!
  5. That’s it, enjoy!

Download or update gottaGolf for the latest and greatest: https://gottagolf.app.link/ball-tracer-gtg 🏌👍

Is your golf group on gottaGolf yet?

Is your golf group on gottaGolf yet?

Our new “Groups” feature is now live on the app and web! Get rid of the annoying emails and texts back and forth. In one convenient place, you can share experiences, fill tee times, and talk smack.

Create your group today!



Ideas for groups: The possibilities are endless, create and join more groups and you’ll end up playing more golf.

Have any feedback or thoughts on our Groups feature? Let us know: contact(at)gottagolf(dot)com

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Golf Emojis

We just launched the first and only full set of Golf Emojis on the market.

Why Golf EmojisWe live in a world where a few emojis can speak louder more than a paragraph of text. Our golf emojis open up a whole new world of creative possibilities and empower you to tell a better story with your content.


From the community: Your fellow gottaGolfers are having a lot of fun with Golf Emojis:





Update to the latest version of the app to check it out and leave us a good review if you like!